Writing to make ends meet…

by Heather Scoville 

With November 7th elections looming in the near future, the debates between the gubernatorial candidates have once again brought education to the forefront of the stack of issues.  Iowa is often lauded for its exceptional education system and school success rate.  Being a teacher, I am especially proud of my state for its committment to education.

All of that said, I am not convinced vouchers are necessary in Iowa.  Vouchers allow parents to choose to send their students to private school via a tax break or other form of financial help.  I teach at a private school and it is a wonderful place, so I am in no way “against” private schools.  I just don’t feel vouchers are necessary in our state because we already have open enrollment for public schools.

Essentially, open enrollment allows parents to choose any public school in which to send their children.  If they feel their school district isn’t meeting the standards they want their children to live up to, then they can apply to a neighboring school district.  I have never heard of an open enrollment request being turned down.

Our public schools are already underfunded.  We should not be taking money away from them in order to give parents a tax credit for sending their children to a private school.  Most private schools already have scholarships available to families in need.  The common fallacy that private schools are better because they are private shouldn’t be perpetuated. 

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