Writing to make ends meet…

There are definitely organizations and “experts” out there who will stress the dangers of television turning our population into a society of mindless zombies.  In my experience, however, television does me more good than harm.  I have taken my love for the talking box and turned it into a small, but somewhat lucrative, second career.

I grew up with the television on all the time.  I must have escaped the brain melt, however, as I was salutatorian of my high school class and I’m awesome at Trivial Pursuit.  If television was really horribly detrimental, shouldn’t I be some sort of drooling pile of uselessness that needs someone else to provide for me? That is definitely not the case, as I am finishing up my Master’s Degree in Education and I hold down no less than three jobs to provide for my family.  Is it so bad that I enjoy a little bit of mindless entertainment every now and then?

Now I’m working on a part-time freelance writing career to help pay the bills my teaching salary cannot.  I have found my television to be an unlikely source of income.  I can relax and watch my favorite shows and then get paid to recap, blog, or chat about them.  I am amazed by the opportunities that have been given to me just because I watch television.  I was able to pay off some credit card bills because I like reality television.  I’m helping to pay off student loans from my Master’s program by maintaining a website dedicated to my favorite show.

My conclusion, then, is that television does not rot your brain if you take an active role as a viewer.  In fact, television has helped sharpen my writing skills and has been quite a blessing in providing for my family.  Thank you, television, for making my life better.


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