Writing to make ends meet…

Iowa has been hit hard this past week with deadly winter weather.  My own house was completely without power from about 2 pm on Saturday until 8:30 pm on Tuesday night.  We stayed one night in a hotel and bought a generator just to have a space heater and keep our freezer going so we didn’t lose our $600 of beef.  My poor in-laws are still without power a week later.

Many people have died from the cold and horrible driving conditions.  Schools have been canceled all over the state and the interstate system was completely shut down last night for a time.  Winds are topping 50 mph and the blowing snow is making visibility almost zero.

I am hopeful the warm front that is supposed to come through the area will melt the ice and snow and we can get back to some sort of normalcy.  Enough people have suffered through this week and some good news would be much appreciated at this time.


Comments on: "Surviving the Winter Weather" (2)

  1. I can imagine what a struggle it’s been to survive the weather there! Hubby was living in Montreal when the big ice storm hit there a few years back, so now he’s really good at emergency preparedness. Makes me feel a bit better about surviving winter storms!

    Hope the big thaw heads your way soon!

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