Writing to make ends meet…


Someday I will be independently wealthy.  I know this.  I’ve worked too hard to always be behind in bills and in debt up to my eyeballs.  I believe in Karma, and I believe I have good Karma.  I’m generally a good person, and gosh darn it, I deserve to be rewarded.

Waiting for that money to come rolling in leaves me in a tight spot, however.  I already have a full time job teaching and tack on extra curriculars like yearbook and dance team and I actually work overtime.  Then, of course, I write in my “spare” time to make a pittance just to be able to cover some of the bills.

If I could just land that “one” gig out there that would make me not necessarily independently wealthy, but rather comfortable, I would be satisfied.  If About.com would just finally get around to reviewing my applications for them (I currently have 3 sites I’ve applied to be a guide or a contributing writer on and I keep getting the “we have not had a chance to review your application…” messages when I check the status), I know they would hire me and that extra income would solve some of the drowning in bills problems I have.

I’m willing to work for my money.  I don’t expect it to just fall in my lap with no effort (although I’d be okay with that if it were to happen).  I just need that “break”.  I need a good lead and affirmation of my skills by actually being hired.  Or maybe I need a marketable and lucrative idea of my own.  If you have any ideas, let me know!


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