Writing to make ends meet…

Possible New Gig

Well, finally, one of the resumes I’ve sent in over the past month or so has finally panned out for me.  I finally got a response from a test prep company looking for a science writer.  They gave me a sample assignment and a deadline that I’m working on now.  My fingers are crossed that it will work out and I can start making some more money.

Do you ever wonder where you should be going to look for these types of jobs?  I’ll tell you my preferred sites.  If you know of others, let me know in the comments!

For my education writing jobs (which are the ones I apply for the most since it’s my area of expertise), I use http://educationwriting.blogspot.com.  A group of people update it a couple of times a week with education job leads.  It’s nice not to have to sift through a bunch of jobs I’m not interested in or even qualified to do.

For other types of writing jobs, I check out http://www.freelancewritinggigs.com.  It just changed ownership, but it seems to be keeping the same types of job links and job boards running, so I think it will still be good.  There are also articles about freelance writing on the site that can be interesting and/or useful.

If I am looking for a blogging job, I also check out http://jobs.problogger.net, although most of those that advertise there are not the types of blogs that would interest me enough to actually write for them.  Every now and then, an entertainment geared blog pops up that catches my eye, though, so I check that site every now and then.

Where do you find your jobs?  Let us know in the comments.


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