Writing to make ends meet…

What Does it Take?

I have tried, for years, to get into About.com as a guide and/or a contributing writer.  I’ve never even gotten into prep even though I make sure I am more than highly qualified for what they want for their guides before I apply.  The worst part is that I never hear ANYTHING, one way or another, for months and months.  I rely on their automated “check application status” link and always get the same response: “we have not had a chance to review your application…”

BULL!  I applied 5 months ago!  How have you not reviewed my application yet?  If you’ve reviewed it and don’t want my services just tell me so I can move on and quit obsessively checking the status of my applications!  Man!

Okay.  Now I need to go check my status again.  Sigh.


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