Writing to make ends meet…

Hit the Wall

I have lost all motivation today.  I had a goal to write $300 worth of articles this weekend for Demand Studios, but I’ve barely finished $45 worth so far. The articles are just not coming to me today and I’m getting distracted way too easily. This is not a good sign for my goal.  I was hoping to have those articles all approved by midnight tomorrow so I could have the $300 pay day on Tuesday.  At this rate, it will not happen (and I’m not even sure they would get through the editing process by then anyway).

I think what I’ll do is take a nap (if my kids will let me) and come back to writing after dinner tonight.  Maybe I just need some time away from article writing and things will start to flow again.  Let’s hope that’s all it takes.

What do you do when you hit the writing wall?  Any advice?


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