Writing to make ends meet…

So I’ve been writing about a month now for Demand Studios, but unfortunately, not steadily.  There just aren’t any article titles available that I could conceivably write in a decent amount of time for the price.  I tried to get promoted to the LiveStrong health and fitness type articles, since those would be more up my alley, but I don’t have the right “score” yet to be allowed to write those types of articles.  I got dinged really hard on my first couple of articles for not meeting their specifications exactly and now it’s nearly impossible to get that score back up to where it needs to be to write for LiveStrong.

I’m out looking for gigs again.  I’m really behind on my bills and I can’t keep going on like this.  There has to be a way to make more from writing.  I just haven’t been able to find it yet.


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