Writing to make ends meet…

I’m Done at Demand Studios

While, at first glimpse, the gig looks like a great one, in reality Demand Studios isn’t worth the time.  The getting paid twice a week was great…when my articles were actually edited and approved for publishing on time.  Between the time it takes to wade through the available titles, find the required amount of research, write the article, proofread the article, wait for a copy editor to review it, possibly rewrite it if it comes back, and then wait for the copy editor again, it’s just not worth $15.  There are literally no titles right now out of the advertised 300,000 that I can write with any sort of base knowledge that wouldn’t take me hours to research and write.  While some of the anonymous copy editors were really good and helpful, others were completely unprofessional and asked for crazy edits that made no sense.  With only one rewrite shot and no way to communicate with the copy editor for clarification (submitting a clarification ticket could take days to get an answer), it was a crap shoot.

The “community” on the message board was also not helpful and actually would gang on up on people stating their opinions about the way the company was run.  Writers were often talked down to and made to feel like lesser humans in some cases.  While under the guise of “professionals” there to help, really the message board posters were just a “mean girls” clique.

So, steer clear of Demand Studios unless you know a lot about automotive everything and have a ton of bookmarks of appropriate .edu and .gov sites.  Otherwise, you’re going to be wasting your time for the amount of money you make.


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